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Well, it's been quite an amazing couple of days. I am...probably still low-grade ill, in that there has never yet been a moment where I went: "Oh thank God, I'm well again." Friday was a PA Day and I made the choice to stay off of TV/social media as much as possible in order to give as few clicks as I could to that guy (I think you know the guy I mean); on Saturday I couldn't attend the Women's March in Toronto, but I followed along and reblogged various things. Today, meanwhile, we get the fairly hilarious one-two punch of the White House straight-up lying about shit while accusing the press of lying about shit, then calling the result "alternative facts." It's been pointed out already that the main aim of this sort of fuckery is not to refute any one claim, so much, as to imply that all facts are unprovable by nature, so you might as well just agree that something is "true" because that guy (I think you know the one I mean) says so...or not. Holy fuck, we really are living in a dystopia.

I had friends who went down to Washington and didn't get stopped at the border, presumably because they lied cheerfully when asked if they were "pro-"that guy. I tried to rehearse a conversation along those lines in my head, since I'm going to have to go down to the States at least once this coming year, but kept glitching on the idea that the only thing I could possibly answer to "Are you 'pro-'that guy or 'anti-'that guy?" would be: "I'm Canadian," since that was what I ended up telling some dude I don't know who turned up on my Facebook page to argue with me about what I thought were two fairly innocuous statements I made last week. "I see you've chose your side," he said, to which I replied: "I'm Canadian, so both your sides mean equally little to me." So yeah, I'm sticking to that from now on, I think, until it's not true anymore.

On Friday Steve and i went to see M. Night Shyamalan's latest, Split, which is definitely not a definitive portrait of a person living with DID, but manages to be a very entertaining, weirdly moving film nonetheless, especially in its final scenes. I can elaborate if anyone's interested, but I'll tell you right now that I'm not interested in debating either Shyamalan's talent as a writer/director or his right to make up such a character, even if "most" of the representative portraits of people living with DID that we see in today's media are inaccurate and ableist. (Then again, I also don't think Buffalo Bill from Jonathan Demme's Silence of the Lambs is or was ever intended to be a transphobic representation of a trans character, so there ya go; I'm an asshole, yo de yo.)

The rest of the weekend's been spent not sleeping, watching other films, and finishing up Steve's first viewing of Daredevil Season Two. At least two other films I've seen thus far are totally worth talking about, but I need to get myself turned around in order to spend Monday telling people at the Sheriff's Office that I cannot possibly get tapped for jury duty, so I'm not sure I can format those reviews today. I also had an idea for a piece of Outsiders fanfiction (gen), which is exciting, in a weird way. So I'm going to jot those notes down, possibly format it, then keep working on my "real" stuff.

TL;DR: there's going to be a lot of this shit from now on, so get used to noting the daily stream of fake news coming from that guy (I think you know the one I mean)'s office, but not acknowledging and/or validating it. Four more years.

Back to it.

Date: 2017-01-22 08:46 pm (UTC)
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I've been trying to take comfort in the size of the protests, and hope that they keep up.


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