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It's probably pretty obvious why I haven't updated; the 'Net has been jam-full of stuff I feel frankly unqualified to comment on. I mean...no, I probably could comment, but to be frank, I don't want to. A million other people have done it for me already. For myself, the fallout from Readercon has been mainly depressing, but I really barely have the right to note that. Mainly, as I've said before, I'm just embarrassed to share a nationality with Rene Walling, and disappointed in the way that the Readercon board chose to “deal” with things—though I've certainly had my own share of creepy creeper experiences in/out of fandom (like every other woman, basically), whatever hurt it gives me is bound to be pretty damn theoretical/minimal, all things considered. At worst, if things can't be fixed, it means I'll probably spend part of next July somewhere else.

Most of the last seven days, meanwhile, has been about trying to amuse Cal, who doesn't go back to camp until Tuesday. Lots of other stuff, too—maintenance, mainly, professional and otherwise. I signed two contracts, then took photos of them and emailed the .jpgs to their various recipients, which was pretty amazing. Finally finished my appreciation column on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke & Key for chizine.com, too. And kept intermittently eking forwards on “In Scarlet Town”, while also looking over my store of unfinished short and long projects...I keep getting these anthology fill/venue requests, you see, and I want to think I can plug said holes, if I'm only given enough time and impetus. Which I probably can, if I kick my own ass hard enough.

One way or the other, it seems unlikely I'm going to be able to do much sustained work on Experimental Film until Cal goes back to school. I need that uninterrupted time to play with, especially when attempting to fit together something as weird and cross-referential as this. Still, I do keep getting tiny bursts of new plot and character insight, which gives me to understand that the book remains alive. And reading widely is helping, as ever, in that regard—I've blazed my way through things like Caitlin R. Kiernan's A is for Alien (fucking brilliant), which sent me back to The Dry Salvages again, even as I make good inroads into Ian Tregillis's The Coldest War. (I was momentarily thrown off by his inclusion of a decidedly non-magical autistic guy in the first few chapters, but I'm over it now.)

Okay...I think that's all, for today. Maybe I can post something smarter next Monday.


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