Jan. 24th, 2017

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Okay, so I am officially excused from jury duty, thank the Powers That Be, who in this case appear to be a very pleasant older lady with a strong Scots accent who works in the Toronto Courthouse's Sheriff's Office. "We don't send those naughty little summonses out, dear, so please, write us a letter next time," she told me; I had of course picked the very busiest time to show up and make my case for exclusion, which I apologized for profusely, addressing her as "ma'am" throughout. Turns out, it's a lot easier to do that when you actually respect the person you're dealing with. At any rate: sorted. On to the next disaster.

I did write that piece of Outsider fanfic, BTW, and posted it up on the AO3--"Lostie," which is mainly Asa Farrell thinking about all the stuff he learned during his ten years away "down there," and how little it turned out to matter. It's here, if you're interested (http://archiveofourown.org/works/9431606). Today, meanwhile, I'm trying to rough out the second part of "Samaritan"'s epilogue, in which--inevitably--Beecher can't resist the impulse to keep poking the bear, until Chris Keller appears out of seemingly nowhere to offer Vern an alternative method of revenge; the destined threesome, which must apparently occur in all versions of Oz, even the AUs. I think I can make it sort of fun, though, before moving on to the next re-archiving project--possibly "Two Lions," which I imported last night.

Ughhhh, I'm tired as hell. No apparent end to my snuffliness, which means every time I fall asleep my dreams are crowded and contradictory, doubly exhausting. I was up really late due to PMS, then slept in a bit, but it took me an hour plus to get back up to speed after that. More coffee may be in order.


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